From long queues and complicated application forms to payment delays and an inflexible approach, the traditional banking system is ripe for disruption. Which explains why fintech companies are busy overhauling yesterday’s payment, deposits and account systems. And they are doing this by using technology to rethink specific processes – this revolution is translating into faster results, lower costs and ultimately, happier clients.

One fintech company that has changed the way merchants accept card payments is myPOS.

Combining the latest payment technologies with imagination, innovation and expertise, myPOS has built a new platform that is changing the way businesses accept card payments across all channels – at the counter, online and mobile.

This integrated and affordable payment solution offers a free-for-a-lifetime myPOS e-money account that consolidates payments virtually anywhere and through all channels, including in-store, online, mobile, by phone through a virtual terminal, and popular shopping carts.

Payments are accepted by all major international and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and ApplePay. Once a payment is accepted, this is instantly settled in the account and the funds are at the merchant’s disposal immediately through a customised link.

Open to Maltese and all EEA-registered businesses, this service complements myPOS devices, thus allowing merchants to process credit and debit cards quickly and securely. A lot of Maltese companies are adopting this solution and the feedback has, to date, been very positive.

Safe, cost-efficient and fast, the myPOS platform is built on strong and secure foundations, including various business reporting tools. By keeping track of payments, businesses – from the smallest to those with outlets in multiple locations, and across countries – can plan and prioritise in a smart manner, monitor revenue and profits, solve challenges effectively, and grow. And all this with the best transaction fees in the market and no hidden fees.