One package, infinite possibilities.

Instant Settlement

As soon as the payment is processed the funds are instantly in your own myPOS account. No more waiting, get full control of your money.

Accept Major Cards

Start accepting all the major international debit and credit cards available, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and ApplePay, amongst others.

Competitive Rates

No matter if you operate a small business or run a multi-national corporation, we provide you with the best transaction fees in the market, with no hidden fees.

Seamless Integration

If you are planning on selling online or would like to integrate an APP onto your device, myPOS’ API allows for fast and easy integration solutions.


No matter in which sector your business operates in, we can provide you with a customized solution to fit into your operations and make accepting card payments a hassle-free endeavour.


Manage your account with ease, wherever you are

You can access your myPOS account from your desktop or mobile APP. With a few clicks you can issue statements, make bank transfers or even create new user profiles. The powerful Internet portal gives you independence, by providing all the tools you need right at your fingertips. The fluid design and intuative interface ensure that you can be up and running in seconds.

The most versatile VISA card you’ve ever seen

With every myPOS package you receive a FREE VISA business card which you can use at over a million ATMs worldwide. You can also use the card to make online or in-store payments. You can order multiple cards for your employees or business partners, so that you can utilise your funds instantly. Ordering a new card and monitoring your transactions is as easy as logging in to you myPOS APP.

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Discover myPOS

myPOS are a financial institution based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the FCA. As a trusted and verified institution, they have the acquiring rights to provide card payment solutions across all EEA states. myPOS develops its own software and systems which allow it to always be a couple of steps ahead of the competition. As a result, it was one of the first Fintech companies to offer video identification, advanced mobile APP features and instant payment settlement.

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Explore our devices

Our myPOS card readers are versatile and functional. They all accept the three types of card (swipe, chip & pin, and contactless) and they come equipped with a FREE roaming data sim. This means that you can accept payments wherever you are, without needing Internet. You can also connect the devices with Wifi and Bluetooth.


Small has never been so attractive.

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The traditional card reader workhorse.

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Mini Ice

An elegant masterpiece.

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So much more than just a card reader.

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Smart N5

The future of card readers has arrived.

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